Emacs in the Browser Using Codespaces

Using codespaces, you can open a web-based VSCode session, open a terminal and install emacs.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelleyk/emacs && sudo apt install emacs27

Then set the option for using the option key as meta in Settings.

Install dependencies for vterm:

sudo apt install cmake libtool libtool-bin

Then clone my .emacs.d:

git clone https://github.com/alexkehayias/emacs.d && mv emacs.d .emacs.d

Then open emacs (which installs packages with use-package):


Now there is a full emacs with my config and a vterm running in the browser using GitHub Codespaces.

Other tweaks

  • Add your ssh key so you can push/pull to a remote git repository.
  • Fix M-BKSPC not working like it does in macOS
  • Fix magit can’t open the commit dialogue
  • Install other OS dependencies needed for writing (e.g. efm-langserver, aspell)
  • Go full screen CTRL-CMD-P (there’s still no way of removing the top heading, but it’s close to fully full screen)