Founding Sales

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  • Make it Easy to Say Yes to Making an Introduction

    When asking for an introduction, make at is easy as possible for the person making the introduction. Share a short blurb (4-5 sentences) about your company (or yourself) so they can copy it into an email. Research before hand who you want to be introduced to and that the person you are asking knows them. Finally, write the email in a way that they can forward it directly with almost no effort (subject: looking to speak with X, body: I’d love to speak with X about Y, here’s a short summary of what we are doing).

  • In Sales, Top of the Funnel Growth Cures All Ails

    In sales, the difference between hitting your numbers and not has more to do with the volume of your top of the funnel than anything else. Since a third of sales comes from doing nothing at all, simply increasing the amount of prospecting and appointment setting will improve your sales numbers and can make a big difference.

  • How to Write a Sales Narrative

    A sales narrative is a cohesive story that explains why customers need your product.

  • Figure Out What’s Wrong With a Step in a Funnel by Looking at the Previous Step

    When you are trying to figure out why a particular step in the funnel isn’t working, start by looking at the previous step. What happened in previous step that would have solved the problem you’re seeing in the next step? In sales, this is usually because you didn’t set the stage for the next stage properly.