Ideas for Making Notes More Inviting

Right now my personal note taking practice is mostly structured text with a few conventions, published as a really long list. This makes it difficult to explore and uninviting.

Content types

What if there were more types of notes? Ones that included images, videos, diagrams, etc.? It would certainly make the content pleasing to the eye, but is it actually useful?

Instead of content types, notes could have tags visualized. Special tags might have their own icon and clicking them shows you other items tagged that way.

Visualize subgraphs

One thing I really like about org-roam-ui is how you can select a subgraph and see adjacent nodes N hops away. The overall graph is intimidating, but a subgraph of < 20 items is approachable. Maybe you could see a sparkline of a graph and click on it to see it’s connections to explore right there.

Hover to see summary of linked notes

Wherever there are links to notes, show a short summary on hover without having to click. This prevents some of the issues with gardens where you “lose the path”.

Show click history as you navigate to more notes

Embed a history of the notes you visited so you can see your path and go back to specific notes without losing your place. Could this all be done statelessly?

  • Hyperfine Village Organizes Ideas Spatially

    I came across the idea of a hyperfine village from Lisa Hardy. It’s a novel way to organize your ideas into a metaphorical “village” so you can more easily recall them in context later. Rather than search or rote memory to recall an idea later, you can go for a stroll in your village.