Hyperfine Village Organizes Ideas Spatially

I came across the idea of a hyperfine village from Lisa Hardy. It’s a novel way to organize your ideas into a metaphorical “village” so you can more easily recall them in context later. Rather than search or rote memory to recall an idea later, you can go for a stroll in your village.

Hyperfine village might include:

  • The Cabin: journal, wardrobe, home-related things.
  • The Lab: experiments, work-in-progress
  • The Museum: finished works for archive
  • The Office: task lists and project management
  • The Library: books read or reading
  • The Garden: notes and ideas
  • The Planetarium: visions of the future
  • The Gazebo: community and people

This can be extended or changed as needed similar to how you might use a “mind palace” to assist with memory.

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