List of Tools for Networked Thought

Below is a list of tools for networked thought I’ve come across:

Name Open source Self-hosted Publishable
Athens Yes ?
Roam No Yes (via public database)
org-roam Bring your own org-export
Obsidian No No Yes (via plugin)
Logseq Yes No (but plans to) ?
neuron Yes Yes Yes
The Archive No No ?
Notion No No Yes
TiddlyWiki Yes Yes Yes
Dendron Yes Yes Yes
  • Tools for Networked Thought

    Tools that enable connections between ideas and memories help to improve the growth of accumulated knowledge. These tools build a ‘knowledge graph’ that mirror the way the human brain functions and offer the possibility to query it in ways that we typically access knowledge and memories, by context and association.

  • Hyperfine Village Organizes Ideas Spatially

    I came across the idea of a hyperfine village from Lisa Hardy. It’s a novel way to organize your ideas into a metaphorical “village” so you can more easily recall them in context later. Rather than search or rote memory to recall an idea later, you can go for a stroll in your village.