Lowering the Federal Funds Rate Causes All Asset Classes Increase in Value

Lowering the interest rate has the effect of decreasing the risk for every asset class. This causes the expected return to go up and thus the value of the asset which leads to more buying of assets (for example getting a mortgage for fear of missing out) and greater optimism in the market (more risk taking). This is how the Fed tries to stimulate the economy.

However, this also makes it harder for lower risk investing (for example pension funds with a 5-7% target return), they will need.

Low rates make risk aversion harder to practice and risk taking more palatable.

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  • Interest Rate Fallacy

    Economists and financial analysts often assume high interest rates are associated with tight monetary conditions and, conversely, low interest rates are associated with easy money. In reality they indicate the opposite because of the supply side of credit.

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  • The Stock Market Boom During the Pandemic Is Due to Increased Savings

    Personal income was higher, lost wages were offset by unemployment benefits and stimulus programs. Consumers spent less on services (hotels, air travel), more on durable goods (e.g. better home office equipment), and saved 173% more money than last year. More people are buying homes, in part due to low interest rates and the pandemic. Low interest rates also investors into higher risk asset classes (they can no longer get the same returns from bonds for example) which pushes more capital into the stock market (lowering the federal funds rate causes all asset classes increase in value).

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