Measuring UX

User experience is subjective which makes improvements in UX difficult to calibrate since we need to rely more our collective taste and/or talking to users.

Are there more empirical measures of UX?

What are the nearest approximations that provide directional guidance in how to improve the experience? For example, if you lowered UX entropy would that reliably correlate with a better subjective user experience?

  • Static Analysis of UX

    It seems possible to generate all states of a purely functional UI so that it can be analyzed and audited.

  • Deriving User Flows and Optimal Path to Goals from Events

    By analyzing frontend analytics events we can derive the ‘hot paths’–sequences of actions users often take. If we also know the user’s goals we can then calculate the state space and optimal path (e.g. A* pathfinding). With that we can calculate the frequency in which users choose an optimal path.

  • Use Lighthouse to Measure Website Performance

    Lighthouse is a set of automatic checks performed on a website that measure overall web performance on mobile and desktop. It’s useful for spotting opportunities to squeeze out better page speed and measuring UX.