My Morning Practice

These days I wake up very early for the puppy ~5:45 AM so between getting the dogs ready and starting work I have about three hours.

I begin with a new journal entry recorded which captures recent articles I’ve read, things on my mind, and anything else (it’s not very structured). I review my short term notes and cut new notes for anything I’m interested in recalling in the future. As I write the new note I flesh out the idea some more, often going back to the source material to make sure I really understand it. This is also when I add links to existing notes. I publish the notes to this site, it’s a great feeling to publish just a little bit every day.

I do ~20 minutes of exercise, usually cardio (running or indoor biking) interspersed with low-impact yoga every two days or so. I need to do this every day to maintain my mental health and I have not missed a day in 6 months. Cardio clears my head and leaves me feeling like I did something good for myself—it’s a successful day even before I’ve done anything else.