Note Blogging

A blog of working notes that other can read and follow along with to learn about interesting ideas and things you are coming across. I find it easier to keep up due to my note taking practice especially compared to writing full-length blog posts or tweets. It would be interesting to follow along notes of other people to learn about new things.

This site is an example of note blogging that also supports RSS so people can follow along.

Short form podcast episodes with a single idea or concept is like note blogging. For example, Naval Ravikant’s podcast often takes a recent tweet and expands on the context and concept behind it. He’s previously remarked that ‘he thinks out loud’ on Twitter and they serve as reminders so he can recall that information again later and notes clarify understanding. In that way it is not just beneficial to listeners, but also to himself.

A blog post is the synthesis of multiple ideas communicated to an audience where as writing a note is the act of collecting an idea written for yourself. This makes it substantially easier to do and why most people take notes, but don’t write blog posts.