Sam Harris

The non-secular Buddha, who teaches the practice of meditation and mindfulness through a more academic lens.

See also:

  • Everything Arises in Consciousness

    All thoughts, senses, and perception arises in the same place, one’s consciousness. In that way, the visual field is no different than thoughts and so things one thinks of as outside of the body and inside the body are actually the same. This is a foundational concept for mindfulness as taught by Sam Harris.

  • Hope Is Fear in Disguise

    It’s obvious that living life without fear is a good thing, but what about life without hope?

  • The Quality of Your Mind Determines the Quality of Your Life

    We tend to put off happiness—only once this problem is solved or this goal is achieved will I be happy. There will always be more problems to solve and achieving a goal is yields temporary contentment before we find something new to want. Because we spend most of our time in the journey, the quality of our mind is essential to being happy now and in the majority of moments in life.