Share of Remote Job Postings Increased Post Pandemic

The share of remote job postings across the US, UK, NZ, CA, and AUS have increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following chart was reweighted based on occupation distribution in 2019.

Source: Remote Work across Jobs, Companies, and Countries

Job postings are a lagging indicator of the number of jobs that are being done remotely along with office real estate decline and office occupancy rates.

  • 60% of Startup New Hires Are Out-of-State

    In the latest Startup Compensation report from Carta based on 3,000 venture-backed companies, 60% of new hires at startups are out-of-state. Thes ratio of in-state to out-of-state held steady since 2022 despite larger comapnies making vocal return-to-office policies. Remote workers are primarily concentrated in California, Massachusettes, New York, Washington, and Texas.

  • Office Occupancy Stagnated in 2022

    According to Kastle, office occupancy stagnated after a concerted push of return-to-office plans by many businesses. Major metro areas like New York City show ~40% occupancy compared to 95% pre-pandemic.