Substituted Economics for Racism

Thurgood Marshall made the comment that we have “substituted economics for race” in his dissent to the San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez.

The Supreme Court ruled that the right to be educated was not covered by the 14th amendment and that school funding based on property tax was ok even though Black people were systematically pushed into low-income areas and therefore had no means to fund schools like the white neighborhoods.

Thurgood Marshall’s comment calls out the veiled racism and attempt to legitimize segregation by reducing the matter to an economic issue.

  • 54 Percent of Homes in San Francisco Would Be Illegal to Build Today

    Public data from San Francisco revealed disturbing statistics about buildings and homes that show how difficult it is to create new housing. 54% of homes inn SF are in buildings that would be illegal to build today and 34% of buildings would be illegal.

  • Substituted Acceptance for Self-Hate

    There’s a push in conservative politics to make it illegal to be trans or dress in drag. They are effectively substituting acceptance for self-hate. Without protection at a basic level, it can only lead to more attacks, isolation, and worse. This is predictably damaging to people and families.

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