The Focusing Illusion

Something you focus on seems more important than it actually is. This is apparent if you consider that at any moment there are many problems to solve, but the one you are thinking about is the one that tends to get solved.

This is a form of availability bias and can cause you to over value something when making a decision.

  • The Number One Job of a Startup CEO Is Finding Product Market Fit

    Of all the roles and responsibilities an early stage startup CEO has, the most important is finding product market fit. A good heuristic to use is to continually ask, “Is what I’m doing getting us closer to product market fit.” If not, it’s a sign that the thing you are doing is not the most important thing to be spending time on.

  • Every Portfolio Is Long Something and Short Something

    Every portfolio and every decision can be decomposed into being long something and short something. By weighting one area of the portfolio higher than another, you are short on the underweighted parts of the portfolio.