Nearly Half of Employees Are Likely to Move to Work Remotely

A survey by Microsoft found that 41% of employees are considering leaving their current job and 46% say they are likely to move to work remotely. This would result in a major change in the percentage of remote workers at companies compared to before the pandemic. A survey by McKinsey about remote work found that 20-25% of workforces in advanced economies could work from home after the pandemic.

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A poll done by Morning Consult on behalf of Bloomberg News in May 2021 showed that 39% of U.S. adults would consider quitting if they weren’t able to work from home. Millenials and GenZ respondents showed 49%.

There are misconceptions that companies allowing remote work means you can work move around and work from anywhere. That is not the case. Having employees move around constantly poses several challenges for the company (security, taxes, registration, insurance, HR compliance) and teammates (poor internet connection, timezone issues, focus).