The Jump to Remote Work Universality

Remote work has not yet made the jump to universality. We’re still in the phase of “specialized work objects” which are a combination technology to perform the work, jobs that can be performed remotely, and businesses that can operate anywhere.

What needs to be true to achieve remote work universality?

Technology to perform the work We already have this with networked computers and the internet. Access is widely available (though not ubiquitous) and software allows millions of people to do their job.

Jobs that can be performed remotely Some jobs are not possible to be done remotely, though I would argue this is more of an extension of the technology problem. Over time more jobs will be possible to be done remotely through automation, robotics, or applied AI.

Businesses that operate anywhere There are myriad rules and regulations that are different in every location. Compliance has no universal object that enables them to operate anywhere (though that’s what we are working on at Mosey).