Wealth-Creation Mechanisms Are Simple

The list of ways wealth is created is remarkably short.

You can

  1. Move things from place to place (e.g. shipping, exporting goods)
  2. Store things (e.g. winter coats are more valuable in winter)
  3. Transform things (e.g. manufacturing)
  4. Farm (e.g. … farming)
  5. Build buildings (e.g. real estate development)
  6. Extract natural resources (e.g. mining)
  7. Cure disease (e.g. pharmaceuticals)
  8. Find new ways of doing 1 through 7 more efficiently (e.g. 3D printing, fertilizer, mining an asteroid)
  9. Provide useful information (most of 21st century corporations) a. Match supply and demand (e.g. Google search ads, Uber) b. Figure out the rules (e.g. lawyers, consultants) c. Information to be informed (e.g. journalism, blogging)

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