Inflation Causes Downward Pressure on Startup Valuations

As inflation rises there will be a tightening of money supply and higher interest rates to control it. This causes a repricing of assets and, in particular, high-growth tech stocks. The median public company software valuations dropped from 12x forward revenue to 5x or less—an almost 60% decline.

The decline of public company valuations creates downward pressure on startup valuations. A startup whose valuation was 100x forward revenue (ARR) should expect that to be brought down significantly closer to their comparable public company valuations with a slight premium for faster growth (more like 10-15x).

This has big implications for running a startup during a recession. Availability of capital will go down as VCs make fewer deals, more selectively, and with lower valuations. Many companies will run out of cash and fail to raise additional rounds of financing. YCombinator recommends founders cut expenses and plan for 24 months without additional fundraising.