• Genetic Isopoint

    The point in which the lineage of any two people currently alive can be traced to the same common ancestor.

  • Air Quality Index

    Air quality index is calculated from the value of a pollutant concentration (pm2.

  • Swanson's Law

    The price of solar panels drops 20% for every time the quantity shipped doubles.

  • Social Cooling

    The idea that, as a result of mass surveillance, data collection and social media are leading to behavioral changes.

  • Neglected UX

    Neglected UX is when parts of the user experience are not quite broken, but subtly incongruous.

  • Studio Ghibli

    Famed animated film studio that created such popular films as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and much more.

  • 7 Powers

    A book about business strategy by Hamilton Helmer which outlines seven ‘powers’ that are the cause of successful companies.

  • Small Tech

    Technology companies that are small and private, writing software on their own terms.

  • Embedded Tweets and Videos Includes Ad Tracking

    The scripts used to embed media such as tweets and YouTube videos include a full complement of ad tracking and third-party cookies which are used to follow visitors around the internet to serve them ads and collect more data.

  • Bane's Rule

    You don’t understand a distributed computing problem until you get it to fit on a single machine first.

  • Brewarrina Fish Traps

    Stone fish traps in use over the last 40,000 years located in the Barwon River that some believe are the earliest human construction in the world.

  • Panspermia Theory

    The idea that life originated on another planet and was transported to Earth.