• Performance Snapshot Packet

    Prior to perfomance management calibrations, each manager writes a document that briefly summarizes the performance of each person they managed during the review period.

  • Perfomance Management Calibrations

    A process for managers and senior leaders to discuss the performance across the organization with the goal of consistently and fairly applying expectations for all roles and levels.

  • Tech Debt

    Accumulated short-term compromises and hacks in a codebase that must be paid down over time.

  • Loss Aversion

    People find it more painful to lose something than to gain something equivalent.

  • Kelly Criterion

    A formula for figuring out how much you should bet to maximize the outcome.

  • Gate's Law

    People are bad at understanding exponential growth. They over estimate short term results and under estimate long term results.

  • Techniques for Dealing With Skepticism

    Skepticism when building something new occurs in two ways 1) personally (worry of building something that is not good, failing) and 2) externally (others telling you your idea is bad or that your implementation sucks).

  • Paul Graham

    Former founder, lisp hacker, writer, who started Y Combinator. His views on startups and venture capital have heavily influenced the startup zeitgeist.

  • Naval Ravikant

    Founder of AngelList and investor, Naval is known for his advice and philosophy on startups and life.

  • JavaScript Text Editors for Markdown

    Below is a list of JavasScript libraries that support markdown. Static content can be syntax highlighted using libraries with a much smaller footprint, but editing text with syntax highlighting takes significantly more code.

  • Axioms of Note Taking

    You won’t remember if you don’t write it down You won’t write it down if it’s difficult to capture immediately You won’t accumulate knowledge if you don’t consistently and frequently add to it You won’t find value if you don’t reference it Thinking out loud (I.

  • Arthur Schopenhauer

    German philosopher and pessimist, best known for ‘The World as Will and Representation’ where he describes the will-to-life as the overriding force that compels humans and leads to suffering.