• Lollapalooza Effect

    Charlie Munger calls the lollapalooza effect a combination of several elements all acting in concert to create an even greater outcome.

  • VO2 Max

    A measurement of cardiovascular fitness and endurance by measuring the max oxygen the body can consume during exercise.

  • Rich Hickey

    Computer scientist and musician that designed the Clojure programming language. Has given many influential talks about functional programming.

  • Resting Heart Rate

    Beats per minute when not doing any activity. A normal resting heart rate for an adult is ~60 bpm, high resting heart rate (tachycardia) >100 bpm, and low resting heart rate (bradycardia) <60 bpm.

  • Clojure

    A lisp functional programming language designed by Rich Hickey. The core philosophy is to organize programs around the transformation of values using pure functions and isolated side-effects.

  • Themes Conceptualize a Roadmap

    A long list of ships is neither useful nor effective without a way for the team to conceptualize the main ideas and how it adds up to achieving a set of goals.

  • Spell Check Test

    When designing a review processes within an organization, tease apart the different functions of how the process works then ask which parts are more like ‘spell check’.

  • Adjacent User Theory

    Funnel metrics tend to decline with each successive cohorts as a company grows and saturates segments that have strong product market fit.

  • Memex Device

    A fictional device from the essay As We May Think, written in 1945 by Vannevar Bush, which both stores knowledge (books, notes, annotations, conversations) and connections between them allowing someone to follow trails of associated knowledge.

  • Conway's Law

    A company tends to design systems that mirror their communication structure e.

  • 85% Rule

    When doing an activity that requires peak performance, strive for 85% of what you believe is your best.

  • Sword of Damocles

    A parable of where Damocles who, after exulting how nice it must be to be king was offered to switch places with the king Dionysius for a day.

  • Flesch Reading Ease Test

    Determines the grade level required to read a text based on a score of average sentence length and average syllables per word.

  • Melissa Dell

    Economist and professor at Harvard, winner of the John Bates Clark Medal.