• Spiritual Materialism

    New-practitioners adopting the practice of meditation and mindfulness has a tendency to coincide with a change of identity.

  • Uncanny Valley

    An object’s likeness that is very similar to another, but slightly off which evokes an eerie negative reaction.

  • Apophenia

    Seeing patterns or interpreting meaning in randomness that is not truly there.

  • Ego Depletion

    Baumeister and Tice introduced the concept that willpower is a finite resource that can be exhausted when used because it requires mental energy.

  • Web CLI

    A command line interface for a web application that seamlessly blends text based user input and graphical UI elements for output.

  • Speed Is Undervalued

    Doing things fast has more primary and second-order benefits than we realize which makes it hard to conceptualize its full value.

  • Why There Aren't More Engineering Management Blogs

    The reason there are far fewer engineering management blogs compared to software development blogs not because there is a small supply of managers who can write blogs, but because managers are secretly worried they are doing it completely wrong (imposter syndrome).

  • Ellsberg Paradox

    People prefer situations where they know the risk. In experiments ran by Daniel Ellsberg, participants were asked to bet on a known 10% chance to win and an unknown chance to win (which was actually 90%).

  • Awareness Is Key to Being Present

    In mindfulness, calling attention to anything that enters consciousness has the effect of bringing you back to the present moment rather than lost in thought or dwelling on something.

  • Emacs

    A free/libre text editor that has so much functionality that it’s often joked about being an operating system that has an ok text editor.

  • Pre-Mortem

    An exercise to enumerate all of the ways a project couldgo wrong.

  • Signaling as a Service

    Signaling is often the underlying motivation for our behaviors. We make visible our values to both the in-group and out-groups in ways such as buying a luxury automobile (to signal wealth) or posting a flattering image of ourselves on vacation.

  • Robinhood Momentum Algorithm

    Robinhood is linked to recent events like the stock price of Hertz skyrocketing despite going bankrupt or Kodak jumping 1,000% on news of a pivot to drug manufacturing.