• Signaling as a Service

    Signaling is often the underlying motivation for our behaviors. We make visible our values to both the in-group and out-groups in ways such as buying a luxury automobile (to signal wealth) or posting a flattering image of ourselves on vacation.

  • Robinhood Momentum Algorithm

    Robinhood is linked to recent events like the stock price of Hertz skyrocketing despite going bankrupt or Kodak jumping 1,000% on news of a pivot to drug manufacturing.

  • Pokémon Go Summer

    The platonic ideal of technology and human interaction occurred during the summer of 2016 when everyone was playing Pokémon Go.

  • Operant Conditioning

    Learning through association of a behavior with rewards and punishment. We tend to do more of the things that make us feel good rather than feel bad.

  • Gravity Model of Trade

    Trade flows can be predicted based on the proximity of two places and size of their respective economies.

  • A* Algorithm

    A pathfinding algorithm for finding an optimal path within a graph between two nodes.

  • Two's Complement

    A common way of representing signed integers (can be positive or negative) in computers.

  • Sketch Storm

    A team explores the solution space of a set of pre-prepared problem statements or scenarios by sketching out different approaches that solve it.

  • Zoom Fatigue

    Being on video conference calls repeatedly is exhausting. This phenomena is believed to be caused by the brain working overtime because we can tell the other person is an imperfect projection and reading body language is difficult.

  • Meta Habit

    A habit that helps make acquiring new habits easier. For example, the habit of removing the option of notdoing something you need to do decreases the mental energy to take the desired action and thereby create the habit.

  • Straussian Reading

    Refers to the Leo Strauss notion that serious writers communicate ideas through many layers of meaning and abstraction which simultaneously protects the author from the ruling regime and attracts the right readers.

  • Sam Harris

    The non-secular Buddha, who teaches the practice of meditation and mindfulness through a more academic lens.

  • Type I, Type II Fun

    There are two different kinds of fun. Type I fun is when you are having fun and know you are having fun while doing it.

  • The Action Is on the Edge

    In plate tectonics, all of the interesting effects like mountain formation, earthquakes, happen on the edge of the plates.