• Personal CRM

    It’s difficult to remember every detail about people you know and who you want to build a relationships with.

  • Management Graph

    Sometimes it’s useful to work through a management challenge by drawing a graph of actions based on a particular event.

  • Slavoj Žižek

    Contemporary philosopher and leftist. See also: Masterclass: Transcendental Subjectivity, Sexual Difference, Brain Sciences (part 1, part 2) Links to this note A Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

  • Klein Bottle

    A non-orientable surface, a theoretical shape that doesn’t actually exist in 3D space.

  • Hilbert's Problems

    A German mathematician David Hilbert published 23 unsolved problems in the field of mathematics.

  • GraphPlan

    A data structure and search algorithm for efficiently finding the shortest plan of actions between an initial state and goal state.

  • Downward Causation

    Macro level processes altering micro level processes by changing constraints. For example, thoughts and memories alter the strength of connections in the brain via gene regulation which alters the physical constraints of ions/electrons (synapses).

  • Webmentions

    Webmention is a W3C web standard for decentralized comments, reposts, and other interactions across websites.

  • Talk Then Code

    In a blog post from Dave Cheney, open source contributor to golang, he writes that it’s always better to talk about a bug/feature/change then writing code.

  • Talk - The Secret of Psalm 46

    A talk given by Brian Moriarty, a renowned game designer/developer, that encourages listeners to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of making something awe-inspiring.

  • Meta Game

    The game about the game. In game development, it’s often cited that it’s all about the meta game.

  • Essay - Learning How to Read

    An essay from Niklas Luhmann about learning to read and how there are different kinds of books that require different approaches.

  • Org-Roam

    An Emacs library that recreates Roam (software that implements a Zettelkasten-like system) using org-mode.

  • Kalman Filter

    A way of predicting what a system is going to do next when you don’t have exact information (like most real-world things).

  • Intro

    Welcome to my notes! I regularly publish notes to better understand what I’ve learned and to explore new ideas.

  • Inherent Value

    Something that would be valuable even in the absence of outward effects e.

  • Fuzzing

    The process of generating a range input values based on some constraints to fully explore a programs handling.

  • Entropy

    Disorder in a system that tends to increase over time until reaching an equilibrium.

  • Difficulty Discussing Social Issues

    The reason discussions of social problems and correctness are difficult is because there is no safe way to fail and learn from feedback about a point of view.

  • Andy Matuschak

    Researcher who focuses on how to improve the productivity of knowledge workers.

  • Abstract Syntax Tree

    Transforms a language into data by lexing (separating the words into a sequence of tokens) and parsing (applying syntactical rules to the tokens).