• Conway's Law

    A company tends to design systems that mirror their communication structure e.

  • Sword of Damocles

    A parable of where Damocles who, after exulting how nice it must be to be king was offered to switch places with the king Dionysius for a day.

  • Flesch Reading Ease Test

    Determines the grade level required to read a text based on a score of average sentence length and average syllables per word.

  • Rust

    A statically typed programming language which enforces writing code that is free from certain memory errors (use after free, dangling pointers).

  • Melissa Dell

    Economist and professor at Harvard, winner of the John Bates Clark Medal.

  • Eigenvector Goals

    Setting a goal around a metric that is the result of the output of other metrics and goals being driven.

  • Tim Ferris

    Podcast host and author who works with famous/impressive people from various fields to discuss how they work, how they think, and how you might learn from their practice.

  • Felt Sense

    Something that can be perceived that is not based on a physical sensation such as intuiting or a gut feeling.

  • Atomic Habits

    A book about building systems of small habits that compound over time.

  • Software Architectural Pattern

    A way of organizing code and abstracting concepts to build a software system often with the goals of robustness, reliability, extensibility, performance, and correctness.

  • Event Sourcing

    A method for representing state of a system using immutable events over time that can be aggregated to derive state at a particular moment.

  • ECS

    An entity component system (ECS) model is a software architectural pattern way of organizing a program that is oriented around and is easily extensible often used in games.

  • In-Group Favoritism

    The tendency to give preferential treatment to those belonging to the one’s in-group over one’s out-group.

  • Janna Levin

    Theoretical cosmologist who researches black holes and gravitational waves. In particular, the universe is finite in size.

  • Incremental Writing

    A process for long form writing where you start writing independent units of ideas/topics (similar to ‘atomic notes’ in Zettelkasten) and synthesize them in a separate step.

  • Cooperative Cryptonetwork

    Applying crypto/blockchain concepts (e.g. proof of work, aligning incentives) to building large scale co-ops that require cooperation and governance.

  • Emotional Thermometer

    A framework to improve mindfulness of anxiety and emotional distress. You can use this mapping to plan what to do when you find yourself at various points in the scale.