• Silurian Hypothesis

    Posits that there were previous civilizations on Earth before humans. Some scientists are conducting research to see if we could detect changes in things like atmospheric carbon, plastics, and nuclear fallout since it’s highly likely no other physical evidence would exist e.

  • R Value

    A rating for the ability of a virus to spread. R of 1 would indicate each infected person infects one person.

  • Decision Log

    A document that keeps track of critical decisions made by a team to raise awareness and provide a reference for future discussions that involve some form of ‘why did we decide to do x?


    A shell holding company goes public with the intention of raising money to merge with a private company—effectively making the private company public without having to go through the listing process.

  • Plutonomy

    In finance, the plutonomy is the small group of people that control most of the wealth.

  • Lean Startup

    A framework for starting companies that focuses on better understanding of customers and markets by building minimum viable products to validate assumptions.

  • Epistemology

    The understanding of knowledge and distinguishing between truth and beliefs.

  • Tacit Knowledge

    Knowledge that can not be transferred through words alone. For example, it won’t help someone learning to ride a bike to make them read an instruction manual and expect they can flawlessly ride a bike afterward.

  • Sigmoid Function

    A mathematical function that produces an ‘S’ shaped curve when plotted and is used to transform a number into a value between 0 and 1 (also -1 and 1).

  • Planck's Principle

    Scientific change doesn’t happen because because people change their mind, but because the next generation of scientists have different views.

  • Substituted Economics for Racism

    Thurgood Marshall made the comment that we have “substituted economics for race” in his dissent to the San Antonio Independent School District v.

  • Tyler Cowen

    Thoughtful economist from George Mason University, author, blogger, and podcast host.

  • Toska

    A russian word with many facets to it’s meaning that roughly translates to depression and longing, love-sickness, and unbearable feelings.

  • Structural Racism

    Racism that has been deliberately built into systems that govern and organize our lives including education, courts, laws, constitution, law enforcement, etc.

  • Pyrrhic Victory

    A victory that results in self-inflicted devastation equivalent to defeat.

  • Lindy Effect

    A theory that states, the future of an idea or technology is proportional to how old it currently is so that every additional period results in longer life expectency.

  • Hobson’s Choice

    An illusion of a choice between two inequivalent options. Hobson ran stable filled with many horses.

  • Janus-Faced

    A duality, having two different and opposing faces. Comes from the Roman god of beginnings.

  • White Rage

    A non-fiction book by Carol Anderson that describes the structural racism of the United States.

  • Möbius Strip

    A loop with a twist in it that is non-orientable. If you were to travel from a starting point on the strip and moved the full length of the strip you would end up moving along both sides without crossing an edge.

  • Juneteenth

    The day that marks proclaiming that slaves in Texas are free, two and a half years afterthe Emancipation Proclamation.

  • Puppy Mind

    When your mind keeps wandering out of control and fixating on things is like a puppy trying to walk on leash for the first time.